Hi, I'm Antonio Furioso

I’m curious, and I like solving problems. I can help you with your Augmented Reality problem to improve your business or build your ideas.

Who Am I?

I was born in 1997 in Bari in Puglia. Since then, I have always had an enterprising spirit, and I have always satisfied my curiosity by trying my hand at everything.

Why me?

I am a resourceful guy who is determined to achieve established goals. I have no problem working under pressure and am reliable (other people say).
Lastly, if there is a problem, I always try to find a solution as soon as possible, and if that solution requires learning a new skill, I am willing to learn.

Proof of my experiences

My works

In just one year, I developed more than 15 projects, some delivered and corrected by industry-experienced coaches and others built to expand my skills and challenge myself.

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Projects developed

AR Projects

During my learning and my work experience, I developed more than 9 AR projects.
I believe in Augmented Reality because I know this will revolutionize the World and our lives.

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AR Projects
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Monthly Users
AI Italian Blog

Neuragate was a blog that talked about Artificial Intelligence. I successfully brought more than 12k users to Neuragate in only one year of its opening.

My Articles

I love sharing what I know about the industry and what I learn. That’s why I wrote articles on different blogs. You can find some of my English articles on Medium or on my personal blog.

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