Hello, I'm Antonio Furioso

Born in Italy passionate about technology and AI. Data Science & Computer Vision enthusiast who studied marketing and in his spare time manages Neuragate.it.
I want to do my contribute to the innovation of the technological world.

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AI Project

My resume

Neuragate founder

2020 - Present

I decided to turn Furioso.info into Neuragate, a blog that aims to disseminate,
inform and educate on Artificial Intelligence.

Ecommerce responsible

2018 - 2020

E-commerce for Personal Care which became more competitive on the market
through competitor analysis and SEO improvements.

Furioso.info founder

2017 - 2019

As a founder I structured an editorial plan and wrote multiple SEO articles indexing
them on the first page of Google.

My skills

Here are some of my skills that I have developed over the years.


Python is the language I use to create Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.

Computer Vision

Ever since I discovered Deep Learning, Computer Vision has been my passion and it's what I'm specializing in.

Data Analysis

Thanks to Python libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy etc it is easier to interpret and manipulate data.

Digital Marketing

My background includes 3+ years of experience in Digital Marketing (SEO, Content Creation, Analytics etc...).

Get in touch!

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