Antonio Furioso

Born in Italy passionate about technology and AI. Junior Computer Vision who studied marketing and in his spare time develops websites and manages
I want to do my contribute to the innovation of the technological world.

antonio furioso
Monthly users on Neuragate
AI Project works


I finish my high school career by graduating from a computer science institute and begin my college career.


During my college career, I begin to better understand digital and how new technologies would affect human life. I decide to drop out of college because I felt that a traditional path (not in line with new trends) would not take me very far.

I start studying Digital Marketing by following online courses.

Open my first blog

I started my first blog and started talking about what I loved most, technology.
Through it, I applied what I learned from classes and over the next few years built a team around it. I learned how to organize, delegate, be a leader, persist and always be on the edge of change.



With past experiences, I decided to partner with another person and we co-founded Neuragate. In March, we manage to get into Google News and from there, we start building an amazing team. In September, we reach 10k monthly users and verticalize the blog on AI. In December 2020, Neuragate reaches 17k monthly users.

AI studies

In mid-2020, after studying digital marketing for 3 years, I wanted to go even deeper into the field of innovation. So I started deepening my knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence through more online courses.


Deep Learning Specialization

I begin my journey in Deep Learning to better understand how to build algorithms that can make a difference in the world.