Augmented Reality Projects

training with a partner

Training with a partner AR app

How I made this Augmented Reality Application? Could it be useful? I'll tell you all in this article!

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Computer Vision

Sign language recognition (words)

After being able to make the computer recognize the alphabet of sign language, here is a model to recognize 6 words of that language. Unlike the previous project here I used images taken and labeled by myself.

Sign language recognition (alphabet)

Sign language recognition (alphabet)

I created an Artificial Intelligence that can recognize its letters (American Sign Language ASL). I think if we worked together to help the most struggling people we could create a more inclusive world.

Full body detection

I used MediaPipe's algorithm to detect landmarks on the body, face, and hands.

Body landmarks detection + left curl counter

In this notebook I use openCV and the Media Pipe algorithm to track landmarks. While simple logic was used to calculate the number of repetitions. P.S. obviously its function can be extended to any other type of exercise 😁

Object detection with YOLOv3

Here you will find the code used to activate the webcam on your PC and detect objects. I used the YOLO v3 algorithm.

Face Mask detection

In this project of mine, I used a dataset found on Here I am trying to test whether people are wearing a mask or not.


Centroid Calculation

There you have my #centroid and that of people who don't exist. This kind of algorithm could be used to calculate the distance between two people so as to keep anti COVID precautions (which has been done in countries like China). P.S. I hope it won't be needed anymore 😉

The Simpson character recognition

With this dataset taken from kaggle I've tried to build a model that recognize the "The Simpson" character.

MNIST - Digit recognition

This is my first project in computer vision. Using the famous MNIST dataset, I trained the algorithm to recognize the digits 0 through 9.

Data Science

Prediction of students' final grade

We analyze the students' social status: what do they do, are they in a relationship, are their parents separated or not, how big is their house? And based on these and other social values, we predict their final grade.

California house price prediction

Thanks to datasets on California home prices, we can predict the selling price of a single home based on some of its characteristics (proximity to the sea, rooms, etc.) and the price of the home itself.

Diabetes prediction

My first prediction: on a small dataset of patients, we analyze and build a prediction algorithm that allows us to see if a patient will have diabetes a year from now.

File Organizer

This is my first project on Python code. In this project, the code's job is to reorganize file types into various subfolders and, if they don't exist, create them for the correct file extension.

American police racial bias - Data Analysis

In this project I seek to analyze and find racial bias in the American police. As you can see from the project you will discover some pretty interesting things.