Real-Time Sign Language with TensorFlow 2.0

Sign language recognition

It all started with a question I asked myself: “Could I help deaf people communicate with those who don’t know sign language?” Let’s start from a premise: I am not an expert in the field, but my desire to learn and try my hand at new adventures is really great. In addition, not having previous […]

Machine Learning Engineer what it is and what it does

machine learning engineer

Welcome to this article in which we will discuss the professional figure of the Machine Learning Engineer. More specifically we’ll see if this professional figure is suitable for what you want to do, as well as see who he is, what he does, what tasks performs a machine learning engineer, how much he earns and […]

Data Scientist: who he is and why he is important

data scientist

I am writing this article because data science is one of the things I am studying these days. Today let’s look at who the data scientist is, what they do, why they are an important figure in a company, how to become one and how much they make. If you’re ready to discover the world […]

Machine Learning: here’s what it is

machine learning

What a bad word I wrote? Right? You may have heard the word “Machine Learning” a few times during your life, especially in the last 5/10 years, or, it’s your first time and that’s why you came right away to inquire. If so and you don’t know what Machine Learning is, I can tell you […]

How to study Artificial Intelligence in 2021/2022

study artificial intelligence

Most likely your question was “How can I study artificial intelligence as a self-taught person?” or something like that. Well you landed on the right article. In this guide, I will advise you how to study artificial intelligence in a smart and completely autonomous way by taking free and/or paid (low price) courses. I wrote […]